November 5, 2013

Through the Eyes of an Intern - Go Green's Office Space

On my first day at Go Green Construction, I had no idea that the office was sustainable. It was typical of other offices I’ve seen – with working desks, computers, a well-lit environment, a conference room, and a clean bathroom. I did notice however, it was unusually cool in temperature.
As I worked longer here, I began to notice the perks of working in a “green office”. Our lighting sources include not just florescent lights, but natural sunlight to a major degree. Our large windows and our large-windowed doors not only admit light, but also deflect excessive outdoor heat.
Our bathroom is also green. Its dual flush toilet consumes less water than the typical standard toilet. In addition, our sink is controlled by a simple water accelerator, which controls water output.
What surprised me the most about this office is its phenomenal temperature balance. The temperature in the office is always cool during a hot summer day, and it stays warm during the winter. I thought that someone must always be blasting the A/C or the heating unit, but I noticed that there is no air conditioning or heating system to be found.  It turns out that the office maintains its temperature due to a special foam (a 2-lb closed cell roofing foam with an elastomeric coating) our company installs. This foam performs as a superior insulation.
My overall impression of the green design of this office has been positive and inspiring.  It is great to know it consumes a minimal amount of energy while retaining maximal functionality. I am proud I work in a green, eco-friendly office.

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