October 19, 2007


The Gregorio remodel is proceeding apace. We installed Ultratouch insulation, a natural cotton fiber insulation made of 85% recycled cotton. Since it is made of recycled material it is a more sustainable approach to insulation in contrast to traditional fiberglass batting. Some fiberglass insulation manufacturers are taking steps to make their product more environmentally-friendly, using 20% recycled glass and minimizing off-gassing by using different binding agents. Pound for pound, Ultratouch is a greener product overall.

With Ultratouch our crew didn’t need to wear protective clothing or worry about aspirating stray fiberglass particles; indoor air quality is improved from the beginning, not just for our workers but for the homeowners as well.

Ultratouch is fire resistant; each fiber is treated with a natural fire retardant and is “flash-dried” giving it a Class-1/Class A fire rating; the fire retardant also acts as an excellent pest and mildew inhibitor. The fibers “breathe”, naturally shedding moisture instead of trapping it. This natural insulation was selected by the homeowners as part of the overall effort to make this remodel as “green” as possible.