June 25, 2008

40% lumber saved

Framing obviously requires a lot of resources. However, thanks to our insulation and advanced framing techniques we were about to reduce the lumber requirements by about 30%.

With our spray foam insulation we can build 24” on center instead of 16” on center because the structural value of the foam itself provides the extra support.

In addition to having a high structural value(R-value) of 6.7 per inch, the spray foam is extremely efficient because it creates a complete insulation envelope. The insulation attaches directly to the frame so there are no gaps for air to infiltrate.

By using this thermally-efficient product, we will be able to shave off about 40% of energy costs.
Locals may be interested to know that we will be having an open house once the insulation is installed in September so you can have a chance to see it and feel it in action before the drywall goes up.

June 18, 2008

Moving forward and up!

For the next two months we will be framing the house using FCS certified wood from Jones Lumber. We've been on the ground for a while now, and excited to move up to the roof top soon. Some nice views are in store!

June 16, 2008

Foundation Wears Many Hats

The concrete foundation we poured is efficient, economical and multipurpose...

1. Made with fly ash content, this concrete is extra strong and durable and is diverting waste from landfills .
2. The concrete foundation will double as the finish for the bottom floor: simple and aesthetically pleasing.
3. This large solid concrete mass also serves as a natural medium for passive heating and cooling.
Simple and so effective!

June 13, 2008

Dwell on Design

Go Green Construction was a big hit at the Dwell on Design Show 6/5-6/8 at the LA Convention Center with over 12,000 in attendance.

We teamed up with Green Designer Giulio Zavolta of Totum Consulting to share our green services with the design-conscious attendants.

After talking to hundreds of attendees, it is clear that more and more people are deciding that green is the way to go when building.
There was a high level of interest in our Spray Foam Insulation. This high-efficiency insulation has been featured in several magazines and home improvement shows in the past few months as homeowners are becoming more concerned with energy conservation and savings.

June 10, 2008

Big Dig & Fly Ash

Here are some views of the excavation in progress.

When we finished excavating and the next step was to pour the concrete foundation.
We went with a concrete mixture which contained 30% fly ash, a byproduct of coal burning power plants. Fly ash in cement diverts waste from landfills and replaces Portland cement which is energy-intensive to process.
Check out these facts...

For every ton of fly ash used [to replace portland cement]–

· Enough energy is saved to provide electricity to an average American home for 24 days.

· The landfill space conserved equals 455 days of solid waste produced by the avg. American.

· The reduction in CO2 emissions equals 2 months of emissions from an automobile

UPDATE: Go Green Home Deconstruction

We have recently completed the deconstruction of the existing 1700 sq. foot home and finished the excavation of the site. We diverted approximately 3 tons of wood material, and 2 tons of metal from the landfill.

Part of being committed to sustainable building means being committed to sustainable deconstruction as well. While a normal demolition for a house this size would take about 1 week, we spent a full month carefully deconstructing the existing structure so that the materials could be salvaged. Working with The Reuse People and Looney Bins, we were able to recycle 95% of the “waste” from the previous structure.

The Reuse People salvaged the finishes--doors, windows, cabinets, appliances, plumbing, lighting, mirrors, etc—and resell them. We separated the rest of the materials by type and filled dumpsters in different phases… drywall, carpeting, flooring. Looney Bins then separates the materials further and redistributes them for recycling.