September 17, 2007

UPDATE: GoGreen Home Project Underway

The Go Green Home is a 4,391 square foot home we are building in the Playa Del Rey area of Los Angeles. It is a living laboratory of green design, materials and innovation; check our website for more info at Today we met with Shellie Collier, our LEED A.P. (Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design – Accredited Professional) who will guide us through the process of becoming LEED certified. We are aiming for Platinum, the highest rating granted by the United States Green Building Council.

Shellie documents the entire pre-construction and construction process, and at its conclusion submits a notebook to the USGBC for review and certification. This notebook details each step taken, from preservation of existing landscape to ordering of materials to installation of Forest Stewardship Council-certified framing products.

We are maintaining our own notebook to mirror Shellie’s, page for page, notation for notation. Every detail is documented: for example, one LEED requirement stipulates the home must be located near open space. This is established using Google maps; the page is printed, the URL noted and copies inserted into each notebook. LEED demands this same attention to detail for every aspect of the building that has the potential to earn points.

Shellie is an independent contractor working for Davis Energy Group, a USGBC-designated LEED for Homes organization in California. She is a designer-builder-project manager in her own right; check out her webpage at

UPDATE: Jobsite Reycling

When we started the Gregorio remodel on June 25 we implemented jobsite recycling -- it’s a basic component of our environmentally conscious philosophy. Since construction began we’ve diverted over 7.5 tons of construction waste, keeping it out of landfills. This includes copper – steel -- drywall – lumber – anything that can be recycled and reused in another form.

Our partners at this and other jobsites are the men and women of Looney Bins, Inc.; the actual sorting and recycling takes place at their Downtown Diversion facilities in East L.A. and Pacoima. Click for an informative video on their award-winning recycling process.